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Happy Reunion as Wife who had ran Away With Another man Returns 2 Years Later

A woman who had left his husband, Mr. Philip, two years ago has returned to his home and they are happy again. Miriam 26 left his man after another businessman eloped with her away and that is the moment she became high-handed and left Philip alone with their three kids.

All this time, things have been very uneasy for Philip and whenever he tried to talk to the woman so that to make peace, she rebuked him as a ‘fake man’. “Anytime I called her on mobile phone she told me off and sometimes switched it off. I would want her to atleast speak to the kids who kept asking her whereabouts but it was not possible. She bragged and said she was happy wherever she was. I felt very bad,” Philip ranted to a friend. The friend would think along the lines and finally offered him a solution. He introduced him to a traditional healer and spell caster. “Call this traditional doctor for love and marriage spells. I am sure he will fix your marriage very soon and you will not regret. I did the same two years back and my wife returned,” the friend advised.

The helpless Philip would, the following day, make a distress call to the doctor who advised him to walk into his workshop 5 kilometers away where he was given the healing spells. Two days later, the wife started calling him begging to return home but Philip would pretend to be very busy at work. Next evening, the woman came and Philip found her at the gate with all the belongings she had run away with. They are now together and happy.

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