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I Didn’t Graduate but I Work With a South African NGO

First my name is Shadrack Kaisi from Kitale and though my life was characterized by many challenges mostly financial, God saw me through a step at time until I managed to join Moi campus. Currently I am 26 years old and I left school two years back when my family couldn’t afford paying my college fees. My father had just been sacked from job and my mother got sick to appoint she couldn’t attend on her salon businesses.

Life became so challenging and I had to go back home and help my parents fend for other siblings who were still in Primary and high school and they needed much support. I went back to the rural and started doing menial jobs around our community which used to pay me sh 150 per day. School life was now a past history and I had to put up with that reality though not any happy.

I couldn’t blame my dropping out of school on my parents because their situation was not so good anyway. They started struggling and especially my dad was going through a lot sometime depression affecting him owing to the fact that his wife who is our mother was sick and needed as much as attention as their children. Food at home was a problem unless I go and work for people to get at least something to put on the table. I struggled for a full year before I came across a number of a traditional healer and herbalist by the name Doctor Ngoso. I stumbled on his number online on Facebook where there were so many testimonies of the young men and women he had helped get jobs through Spells.

I read one testimony which touched me. It talked about someone who had faced similar life predicaments like mine. I picked the doctor’s number and email and next day I called and he gave me an appointment next day. When I went there, he asked me afew introspection questions and did some White Spells then left be to return home.

It did not take three days, my uncle called me in Nairobi and linked me up to an international NGO with headquarters in Durban South SAfrica. I am now based in Nairobi Branch with a mouthwatering salary of sh 84,000. I am doing well courtesy of Dr. Ngoso. Also apart from netting cheating partners, herbalist Ngoso has medicine that can influence promotion at work, he has solution for troubled marriages, spinning court cases, and cushioning homes from spiritual and physical attacks (majini).