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Nyanza Governor Busted in Big Mess, Brandishes his gun

A randy Nyanza-based governor, amid rising political temperatures in the country, was yesterday busted in the act with a county staff’s wife. While in a trembling state, the county boss whose name remains hidden for security reasons had no option but to wet his clothes as the melee unfolded at the scene.

The county boss is also confirmed to be married to several women but still chooses to engage in other extra marital affairs with beautiful women he meet around. He uses his cash to lure them to bed easily. However, his session was cut short after the owner of the house, who is his junior at the county offices, unexpectedly made his move back to his home catching the duo enjoying their sweet moments in an erotic-like movie scene. Therefore, on catching his boss red-handed chewing the wife, he(governor) attempted to brandish his licensed firearm to scare away the husband to the woman; but luckily, his bodyguards swiftly intervened and took charge of the situation. Moments later, it would emerge that the two lovebirds had stuck together and could not separate apart since their genitals had firmly glued together.

The county boss, through his aids, sought the intervention of a powerful herbalist Dr. Ngoso to helped unravel the puzzle. The rogue skirt-chasing governor had to part with a hefty fine to secure back his freedom and since that time, the vocal county boss has gone underground. Over a week now he has not stepped his feet into his office due to embarrassment. Herbalist Ngoso has medicine that can influence promotion at work. He has solutions to problematic spouses/marriages, spinning court cases, and cushioning homes from spiritual and physical attacks (majini). He is able to paralyse thieves and recover stolen items. Ngoso also helps barren women conceive, treat STIs, control severe pain during menstruation among other issues. His medicine has also proved to work on Cancer and related complications.

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