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A Rich Woman Living in the Lavish Mountain View Estate Gets Married to a Tout

An interesting story about a tout plying route 23 Kangemi in Nairobi has made headlines after he got married to a rich lady. It all started as a joke in an evening matatu ride along the busy highway when the dark-skinned beautiful middle aged lady entered the matatu at Westlands stage on her way back to her house in Mountain View near Kangemi.

On siting in the matatu, the young man(tout) started engaging her and it was during their talk that the two mingled so well with their chemistry working so perfectly that the lady had to exchange the number with the tout. On reaching Kangemi stage, the lady handed the tout sh 1000 and never asked for the balance what saw the tout brag a lot for having found a new rich date. “I am now the new don in town. This girl loves me a lot. She has even given me the number,” he bragged live in the matatu.

A week later, the two started being seen together almost every weekend as the tout was now rarely seen in the matatu. The two were now riding in a brand new car belonging to the lady. And ss we speak today, the tout who was identified as Morris from Kisii County, is married to the rich lady staying in Mountain View gated estates. Morris would shortly tell his close friend that he used powerful love spells he fetched from Doctor Ngoso of Ngoso Traditional Medicine. Ngoso has powerful spells which can help you land a rich man, woman and get a job promotion easily. He also helps in catching cheating partners as well as thieves.

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