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Drama in Busegwe as two men Feed on Grass After Returning Stolen Cows

Two adults were rendered helpless in Busegwe Butiama Area Tanzania after stealing resident’s livestock worth sh 220,000. In a rare and free cinema witnessed two days ago, the thugs had stolen the animals at night on a Thursday with the intention of selling them to a butcher owner at a throw away price. “Their intention was to make quick profits,” a source shared.

The owner identified as Adam together with villagers had run tired following endless theft of animals in their homes and, therefore, they resorted to using a traditional doctor. They had first filed several complaints with the area area police but nothing was happening. The authorities did nothing to help save them from a spree of crime committed by the thugs in the area and, therefore, had to use other means of a doctor from Kenya. “It reached a appoint I had to say enough is enough and that is how I was linked up to the powerful traditional healer from Kenya who came here, did his things and left,” Adam revealed to the media.

He said he had been left with no other alternative but to seek the help of Dr. Ngoso from Kenya who arrived on a Friday and did his stuff before living. No sooner he(the doctor) had left back to Kenya than the two thieves resurfaced eating grass. The bulls were also gracing on the sides. I also know of a friend who recently used the Powerful spells from Dr. Ngoso and, today he is already thriving at his place of work. He is driving a good car already because of Dr. Ngoso. More details can be found on or call his office mobile Number +254 718 756 944 and Email:

Dr. Ngoso had to be paid his service fee by the families of the two men before he released them from the embarrassment. Interestingly, Dr. Ngoso freed them while in Kenya. He just sought to know their names and after he was sent the two names together with his fee, he freed the thugs who police immediately picked for court charges.