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Young Poor Girl Wins 22M, Buys First car and Builds sh 4M Home for Parents

A 26 years old beautiful Nairobi nurse identified by the name Julie Wanjiku has narrated how she managed to build her parents a home using the money she made through betting. In her latest interview on Instagram, Julie said she was brought up in a poor background where affording three meals a day was a challenge. After completing college, she got a job as a nurse but the pay was very little hence, she started doing betting in order to complement her income. “I had to start thinking outside the box. I just had to try everything else including betting what then turned me into whom I am today,” she recounted. Apparently, things never turned out as expected since she lost most of her money to the point of not being able to pay her bills. Then one day she was introduced by a friend to this amazing African doctor by the name Doctor Ngoso.

“My name is Wanjiku and am 26 years old now. I was brought up by a single mother in abject poverty where affording three meals a day was not easy. I went to school through the help of well-wishers until my graduation. I got a job as a nurse but the pay was very little hence, I started betting in order to make some extra income but, instead, ended up losing a lot of money to a point I was unable to pay my bills,” she added. That far, she sought to be given the contact numbers of the African doctor so that she could see if he could do some spellcasting in gambling for her Goodluck. She finally called Dr. Ngoso and asked him to help her become lucky in life. The doctor asked her for her latest photo which she sent through WhatsApp.

Ngoso then prayed for her, cast Good Luck Spells and went ahead to assure her that she will soon, within five or seven days, turn into a millionaire. Though it sounded as another street joke, Wanjiku used only sh 150 to bet jackpot and after one week, she had won a whopping sh 22 million. She has now bought her first car and building her parents a home worth sh 4million. To call Ngoso, use this number +254 718 756 944 any time of the day. It belongs to the African doctor called Dr. Ngoso. Though Ngoso travels a lot around the country, he is a doctor who can pick your call and help you very fast from wherever you are located. You can get his help online or physically. The choice is yours.

In their commercial profile, Ngoso indicates that one of their greatest attributes is distance healing: They will work together with you, but detachment is the key to success during this healing process. Just make a call to their contact number found on the website- To book an appointment or for further clarification, call Dr. Ngoso on +254 718 756 944 /Email: or visit the Website: Among other important services, they also increase one’s luck in job, job promotion, betting and love-related matters like returning your lost lover back into your life. Ngoso Doctors exercise doctor-client confidentiality; neither client’s file records, identity nor secrets will be shared to a third party or made public unless otherwise client/s on their own volition wishes to give a testimony!