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Pastor Almost Stoned to Death in Embu After he did This

A popular pastor was on a Monday of February 21, 2022 almost stoned to death by an angry mob in Embu. Witnesses recounted the morning incident in which a married woman followed the pastor’s car which had parked outside a restaurant and joined him in the restaurant. Husband to the woman upon tip-off from villagers also drove to the restaurant where he found his wife and the pastor having drinks naked in a room.

“Alikuwa amemtoa nguo zote na anamnyonya. Huyu bibi yangu leo atanijuwa stupid,” she shouted. Eyewitnesses further reported that an irate mob hurled stones on the man of the cloth’s vehicle, hitting him on the forehead. It took police efforts, to rescue the man from raging mob baying for his blood some saying this was not the first case touching on the man of cloth. The ‘man of God’s’ vehicle was then towed to the police station after it was deflated by the surging crowd. This story reminds of another one that occurred last December. It was similar to this one where a cheating husband got stuck in a woman body in Tanners Estate, Mbale while having raw lungula.

The 56-year-old man was found stuck with his sister-in-law at a lodge. The man’s wife Margaret sought Ngoso’s witchcraft to bust her philandering husband. “I live in Mbale town with my husband, we have been married for 22 years and have five children together. He has been unfaithful for the longest time I know. Last week we sold a parcel of land to buy a car we would use in business. Instead of going to Mombasa to buy the car, he took my younger sister to Nakuru to engage in sexual activities with her. I am the one paying for my sister’s education,” Margaret Nabwire was quoted by a popular blog.

She went on to disclose that she had to use traditional doctor’s charms to bust her man in a room. The charms did not allow the two cheating lovebirds to separate. Their bodies remained together for the longest time possible until Doctor Ngoso walked in after 12 hours to separate them Cases of cheating lovers getting stuck have been rampant of late, couples who are being cheated on have resorted to witchcraft to bust their sweethearts.

Ngoso Doctors (traditional witchcraft originally from Tanzania) can make cheaters get stuck. “Before I give out that kamuti, the complainant must convince me that they are legally married to the cheating partner. I do not do mpango wa kando,” Doctor Ngoso was quoted on national tv. You can also get in touch with Ngoso Doctors.