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Thousands of Ugandans and Tanzanians Flock Home of a Traditional Doctor in Kenya

Thousands of People are visiting a very powerful traditional doctor in Kenya to find lasting solutions for their life problems. For Instance, last weekend was full of activities at the doctor’s home when hundreds of visitors from both Uganda and Tanzania came for his help. “I am happy the doctor has helped heal me after years of suffering. I have had a severe headache for many years but today I am now feeling okay. He gave me a drug which I have used for only three days,” a beneficiary revealed.

Others who came to seek help said after sharing their time with the African doctor, some have already been called for job interviews now. Furthermore, some have been promoted to high ranks in their jobs just after meeting the powerful spell caster by the name Dr. Ngoso. Whenever there is a financial problem or relationship issues, this doctor can come in and help solve this so that you can get relieved of the burdens of life.

Many say the doctor uses very powerful Healing Spells that brings peace or quickly and positively changes one’s life to prosperity and abundance. The doctor’s spell casting powers work within 24 hours, mostly happening the same day they are released, and handles general problems including winning lotteries as well as accurate foretelling of one’s future. Furthermore, the native doctor helps in job promotion, interviews, love matters, marriage, protection, business, hopelessness, court cases, ailments, confusion at home, bad omen, family wrangles and cheating partners.

Ngoso’s vast experience allows him to spin court cases and cushion homes from spiritual (majini) and physical attacks (theft), treat STIs and control severe menstrual pain. He has well curated medicine to manage Cancer, High Blood Pressure, Asthma and severe headaches. Just like a medical doctor, Dr. Ngoso does a diagnosis on his clients by asking a few self-introspective questions in the area of one’s life such as challenges in financial and physical aspects, health among a few others. The native medicine man reveals that he accepts offering services even to clients who cannot travel to his offices. This is part of his efforts to offer quick and reliable distance healing services to those in urgent need.

Among other important services, they also increase one’s luck on job, job promotion, betting and love-related matters like returning your lost lover back into your life. Ngoso Doctors exercise doctor-client confidentiality; neither client’s file records, identity nor secrets will be shared to a third party or made public unless otherwise client/s on their own volition wishes to give a testimony!